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tiistai 18. joulukuuta 2018

End of an other year...

Setback after setback... Not many happy events - that's what my year has been..

Feel I have nothing to wait in my life.. No Christmas calendar swap this year - nothing mini related.. And no hope of getting any on Christmas too... No matter how much I wish I would get just something small from that area... but no hope to see it come true - way things are.. #sigh#

Blue... That's the main color of this year.. Wish I could find somehow my way back to magical land of miniatures..
I wish I could find my spark - my inspirations...

Lost my way.... I wish I know how to find it

I wish and hope that new year will be brighter to me.. And I hope it will bring miniatures back in my life

7 kommenttia:

  1. May your hopes and wishes come true! Sometime it is hard to light our own spark, but then out of the blue some idea will come along and light it. May it happen soon for you!

  2. I'm happy to read you Narina. I hope the coming year will be better and make you want to play
    Best wishes

  3. Dear Irina
    Please don't give-up. The new year will bring new experiences. Please mail me your address
    ( I'll send you a little surprise to lift up your spirit. Hope it will get to you before the New year starts.
    A warm hug,

  4. Hi Narina,
    Sorry to read you are blue.
    I hope 2019 will see you more inspired and connected.
    I too want to send you something if you mail me your address at veemerica at

  5. Dear Narina
    About the best thing I can say about 2018, is that I survived. Sometimes life is hard, but you need to know that it will always get better again. May your light shine brightly in 2019! I will be checking in to see if you find your mini mo-jo.

  6. I was just thinking about you the other day and wondering what has been keeping you away from us for so long. I am so sad to hear that it has been the challenges of life that have kept you from creating. I think all of your friends here have at times gone through the same things. Please don't lose heart, my friend, for the moment we are about to give up a breakthrough happens and life can turn sweet again!
    I am so happy that you put out the call, because so many of us have extra things that we would love to see you create something magical with! I am sending you an email to confirm the home and shop addresses but if for some reason you do not receive it please send me your address again. (
    I have the perfect things and supplies to spark that creativity and get you started again!
    Giant hugs!!!

  7. Here's hoping that 2019 holds lots of happiness for you!