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Daisypath Happy Birthday tickers

perjantai 30. marraskuuta 2012

My Advent Calendar

To save my time I do this post only in English this time :0)

It's time to reveal my semi-secret Advent calendar *grin*
This year I wanted to make a little different version of it for myself...

As you probably  know *grin* - I have had some - or should I say "little" luck every now and then during this time which I have had my blog - and I've gotten some amazing  and oh so wonderful gifts in many different ways from giveaways and swaps and so on and so on,  from those lovely talented persons whom I'd like to call my dear friends from the wonderful world of miniatures..

I have this... hmm.. stupid (??) way of always wanting to somehow show how much I have liked - or loved the gift I have gotten.. So in this year I decided to sent something back..

Not much, but just a little something that will hopefully tell the recipient thereof  that their gift was a delight for me and therefore I also cherish a warm thoughts towards them..

I have always been such that when I get something, I want to give something back, some day..

I don't know if I make this as a tradition, but this year at least goes this way :0)

So - I don't  get a package for every day to open (well almost if  I transfer some of the gifts to an other day, cause I have days that I have 2 gifts per day... so IF I move some of them to other days I will get almost full calendar..), but I have my Moomin calendar, so I get something for every day  + I cherish a thought that I may have given a little spark of Christmas Spirit to those who got a little surprise from me... I hope I'm not quite so wrong for thinking so :0)

So here are the days and to whom I made the swap with - the red ones are those surprise gifts.. Some of them I don't know if they have ever arrived to their destination.. :0(

1. Nina -----
2. Jaana ----- 
3. Mari    ---- ( I did get a surprise gift from her (^^) )
7. Marja  
8. Marja  + Ninni -----
9. Marjut 
11. Kat 
14. Tiina ----
15. Marjut 
16. Anja ----
18. Minna ---  + Kati 
20. Pixie Dust 
22. Kati 
25. Jennifer ---

These + some other swap things have kept me busy. As well as the "real" work.. Especially  real work :0\

And here is a picture of my gifts

Now  I have to tell the news I've been dying to share for some time.
 I live truly exciting times.. And I DON'T  mean this advent calendar, although it is exciting too.

In any day now - me and my hubby  are waiting with excitement a call... A call that tells us, that we have become grandparents for the first time!! (**)

Talk about a special  Christmas present! :0)

So not much minis have been in my head for these days.

And A Warm Welcome To My New Followers too (^^)

I hope to all of you a joyful Christmas waiting time! 

9 kommenttia:

  1. Hi, Irina!
    Congratulations on receiving all these gifts this year! I think you are right, I think this same way... when I receive something I have to give something back! hehe
    We meet to much wonderful people in the blog land, really!
    I am sure every one who receive these small and special gifts from you will like them!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Wonderful idea Irina I am sure everyone was very happy with your gifts. Congratulations on all yours. How exciting to be Grandparents :) My daughter had her first baby ( though not my first grandchild) on the 17 of December and it was so wonderful to have him here for Christmas. Enjoy Grandparent hood its fantastic :)
    Hugs Maria

  3. Irina, you are such a special person. I enjoyed your gifts a lot, especially a little girl that I will treasure in a special way. I can't wait to hear when your grandchild will be born! What an exiting time! Mini hugs, Natalia

  4. Dear Irina, I so enjoyed receiving your surprise gift! You are a lovely and special woman as many of us can attest.
    Congratulations on the greatest gift of all a grandchild!

    Big Christmas Hugs,

  5. There will be many happy people around the world, receving your gifts, how nice of you.
    Your biggest Christmas present will sure be your grandchild. I know about that, grandchildren is so fun. I have one who really was a Christmas present, he was born on Christmas eve (wil turn 3 year this Christmas eve).

  6. I received your parcel and I'll open it december 5. I'm so excited! Thank you very much.
    Bye Faby

  7. que bonito detalle de tu parte!

  8. Toivottavasti ehdit edes availla kalenteriluukkusi noin ihanien hetkien ollessa käsillä!

  9. Hello Irina,
    It sounds like you have been very busy. Those presents look very exciting! Congratulation on your new grandchild. i hope the call comes very soon.
    big hug,