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perjantai 27. joulukuuta 2019

If not Santa... then Christmas Angel at least..

Long time... but I'm still hover in the background - just taking it day by day - hoping for the best, fearing the worst.. as usual..

I didn't expect much for Christmas this year - as thing are what they are and cause I didn't dare to ask anyone to make a Christmas swap with me - nearly broke my heart not to have any small parcels to open to get Christmas to come to me, but it is what it is...

I was sure Santa would pass me this year, but there was a Christmas Angel that saved my Christmas..

I've been  - don't even know for how long - a big fan of dolls made by Taru Astikainen So when she had a draw in the begin of the month to name a doll - I naturally had to try my luck in it...
And imagine my joy when I found out that I was one of the lucky one to win something from her..

I got my parcel on December 16th, but I waited untill Christmas Eve to open it, to make it more sweeter...
And here he is!! He is a preschooler age - and I just love him!! (**)
Still trying to figure out what name shall I call him.. So far I'm thinking of Harry or Peter...
But other names may pop into game on the way..
Think I'm going to try to knit him a sweater at some point - and I need to learn to make shoes too.

Not many presents this year, but did get one from my youngest son

And my hubby gave me 2 presents too.. There was lot of stuff in it - not all precisely in the scale, but lovely anyway...
 ... a beautiful footstool

 ... some stuff for gardning..
 ... and nice colored armchair

 ... and a really cool fridge with opening doors...
 and you can pull the inside shelf thing out to make it easier to fill it :)
And this is all the stuff the were inside the fridge; 2 bottle.. dipped candles... some cans of food.. a piece of cheese and knife.. strawberry-chocolate tart and some books.

My very best gift was, that my hubby had managed to finally get my cat "painting" out from my childhood home - as you know I lost my relatives as I lost my foster-mom and haven't gotten any of my stuff out of there ever since - just some photographs (I wasn't even invited publishing the will ) - and I told my hubby that if they really were such pitiful bunch of people - they could keep all - just would like to get that kitty picture out..

It has great sentimental value to me - it's the one piece that made my mom think that I really can do something with my hands.. She use to belittle my likings as I was younger and say when it came to talk about what would I like to do whar I grow up... I never were interested in many things just crafting and languages... It was always "You and you're crafting.." The tone she used in saying it - well - do it I never learned to believe in my skills to make anything...

So that "painting" made her to see that I can do something - and she never said that "you and your crafting" after that... It was my birthday gift for her as she turned 70...

I was so sure I'll never see it again...

This is it...
 Made  by felting - my first ever felting, as level felting to be exact.. And one of the few works of mine that I've ever been really proud of..  Gosh... 16 year gone since I made it... time sure flies...

And now I got it back...

So now we just gonna sit and wait for the year to end and wish & hope the new will be much kinder to us and bring more happy things on our way..  Think I wish few swaps on my way to give me something to wait during the year - and lets hope we still have our bussiness so that we can
celebrate our 15th anniversary in May..

2 kommenttia:

  1. I can certainly see why you would want to keep your kitty picture because it is DELIGHTFUL and so are you mini Christmas gifts from your family! :D
    But I know that when you are a child, careless words hurt and stick with you the longest and even though it pains me to hear that they were said to you, I am glad that you've been able to rise above them.
    So Continue to believe in your own self worth!
    Wishing you a Very Happy and Creative New Year ahead, because the best is yet to come!


  2. Thank U Elizabeth for you kind words. So nice that you came by- your words sure warmed my mind.
    Hugs, Irina/Narina