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Daisypath Happy Birthday tickers

torstai 1. helmikuuta 2018

I won...

Well - actually I came in third, but I won a prize :)

In the Paper Minis competition- if you remember..
I do admit I did spent quite a lot of my time going through pages  and dreaming of what would I choose IF I ever would get so lucky, that I would get to the top three..

There wasn't many  participants this year, but never the less I got to the top three ! - a real dream come true moment for me and I won  $25 worth of Paper Minis kits!!
And boy was I thrilled about it.. (^^)

Took quite a while to make a decision for what would I pick...  I know I wanted some books - I just LOVE her books - I mean, just go through those book pages of her's and I guarantee you agree with me... and oh, that Alchemist's Laboratory kit, what would I give to get it! (**) 
... Well, I'm sure I don't have to tell you, that I've spent hours and hours just drooling after goodies in there and wishing I could some day have at least some of them as my own... Well now I have!!

Thankfully there were some things in sale which helped quite a lot my decision making..
Boy what it long waiting! But on Monday my treasures arrived :)
A bag full of goodies :)
Here's what I picked..

To my luck the book sets were on sale that time, so I could get them all and didn't have to do the agonizing decision of letting some of them away...
(tried that before I notice they were on sale and it didn't go well - without it I think I would still be thinking what to get *grin*)

 Needless to say that Lily Luna has been clapping her hands every now and then ever since they game and dancing around the house singing "Mine - all mine..La-la-laa"
No point of telling her that there is other takes to them too - she finds it out eventually :)

Cause I had little left to cove the winning sum I also took this - one long time dream too..
Now I'm just waiting the seasonal time to end in our shop that I can concentrate all my energy in their making - I would be more than pissed off if I would ruin them by rushing..

I'm so thrilled I'm barely "keeping in to my pants" *lol*
(I guess "I am so excited that I can hardly contain myself" would be more civilized version of saying it ;) )

I have dreamed of these for so long - that I'm almost too scared to do anything to them (^^)

I'm so hoping that this will mean that in the miniature ways - this will be a good year for me - let's keep our fingers crossed for that ;)

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  1. Felicidades por tu premio y espero que disfrutes cuando empieces a trabajar con ellos.
    Tómalo despacio que así durará más el entretenimiento.
    Un abrazo