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keskiviikko 27. joulukuuta 2017

Have I been nice..?? 0_o

I have so mixed feelings about this time of the year.. Don't know anymore if I love it or hate it or what... Mostly I don't know how to feel..

In other words - I'm torn between being happy + delighted and then guilty..
 For many year now my Christmas joy has badly been impaired by the bad conscience and guilt - of course like many people do - I feel happy when I get presents, but nowadays it dims immediately cause right after I feel so bad and guilty for other to have spent so much on me..

That's what the years of financial problems have done to me - they have taken the joy of receiving from me.. And giving me the guilt of not been able to give them much back..
It sucks and is SO FRUSTRATING having to always think about such boring thing as money :/

(Ah... To have a day without worrying.. What a treat that would be.. )

I guess I just need to REALLY learn, that even I am worth of getting the gifts I get.. when ever I get them..

Well - this has been emotionally quite hard year for me, so apparently Santa thought I needed some cheering up.. And apparently I have been (A LOT) nicer than I thought..
Let's keep our finger crossed that it means that I'll have a good miniature year next year...

Here's all the goodies Santa brought me (well-earned or not...)

My youngest son gave me this - isn't it nice!
Width: 74 cm
Height: 40 cm (without the decorative part)
Room height: 17.5 cm
Room Width: 22.5 cm
Room depth: 17 cm

From my eldest son I got these...
The gold-colored decorative sand..
 ... some diamond stickers
...lovely ribbons...
 ... and some glitter glues.

My hubby spoiled me with many thing too..

 As soon as I saw these in my head it started to play " I only have eyes for you.." *lol*
I LOVE Moomin-books and have been thinking for some time that would it be silly (too childish) to wish some of them for gift - sort of inspirations means in mind...

+ there were more books (not miniature related) and of course chocolate and other sweets too...

.. and THIS ONE
An other room box kit!!

So now I can make both the Bunny box AND the Christmas scene to our shops window.

Needless to that I've been trying to bawl my eyes out for getting so many wonderful gifts..

Icing on my Christmas was to know, that I had won in Jodi's  draw..  A stroke of luck I still can not believe in..
(Although I opened it only on Christmas Eve - I'm a bit of a masochist and like to torture myself every now and then *grin* )
There was also the thrill of wondering if it will make it's way to me on time - and on my second last working day before Christmas a post woman walk in to my work and gave it in to my hand..

Here are the lovely treasures I got.. (and there are way better pictures in her blog )
I barely got the box opened and this out when Lily Luna shouted that A-reservation is for her - but we'll see how it goes...

I have a thing about hutches or what ever you may call them and different kinds of shelving...  I absolutely LOVE them - I have literally hundreds of inspiration pictures collected about them over the years I've been doing my miniatures - and most of them - as you probably guessed are in a witchy theme.. I think I could easily make a house that is decorated/ fit up with only them... Well maybe few witchy tables too :))

Oh... Just look at these fabulous things!! Who would love getting them - one of my happiest moments of this year, that's for sure.
I don't know whether to keep this as an ornament as it is - or to make is as a dolls house to my Christmas box..
Isn't this a beautiful Gingerbread House!

Here is both with and without flash (note; the background in ALL the pictures is in reality that blue one)

I don't know if these all should be treated as rugs, but I think the smallest would be a lovely   tablecloth - and the one with those gingerbread girl and boy figures in it would look nice on a wall..

Few laughs because of these - well mainly the elves in sauna and that Santa in outhouse..

I felt like Gollum as I opened the box.. Gently taking thing out of their wraps and eyes gleaming - only thing missing were the words - " My precious"  - and I was nearly there *grin*

Oh Jodi!
What a thrill your package brought! And what a joy to receive all these amazing goodies.
There aren't enough words to tell my feelings..
So I'm simply going to settle for...

3 kommenttia:

  1. what beautiful gifts: you have plenty to find many inspirations :-)

  2. It looks to me like you've been given only the tip of what you deserve! Let those who will, love you. It makes us feel good! :o)
    I know you will make the most of all the new loot, and will imagine you smiling while doing so! Happy New Year, and may it bring blessings that astonish you!

  3. Don´t feel bad, you deserve every present you got and more. I wish you a wonderful 2018.