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Daisypath Happy Birthday tickers

tiistai 31. joulukuuta 2019

Happy New Year... I hope...

May the New Year bring many good things in your way... May it bring lot of joy and laughter.. May many of Your wishes come true.. May You love and be loved in return..
Wish You All the Best

perjantai 27. joulukuuta 2019

If not Santa... then Christmas Angel at least..

Long time... but I'm still hover in the background - just taking it day by day - hoping for the best, fearing the worst.. as usual..

I didn't expect much for Christmas this year - as thing are what they are and cause I didn't dare to ask anyone to make a Christmas swap with me - nearly broke my heart not to have any small parcels to open to get Christmas to come to me, but it is what it is...

I was sure Santa would pass me this year, but there was a Christmas Angel that saved my Christmas..

I've been  - don't even know for how long - a big fan of dolls made by Taru Astikainen So when she had a draw in the begin of the month to name a doll - I naturally had to try my luck in it...
And imagine my joy when I found out that I was one of the lucky one to win something from her..

I got my parcel on December 16th, but I waited untill Christmas Eve to open it, to make it more sweeter...
And here he is!! He is a preschooler age - and I just love him!! (**)
Still trying to figure out what name shall I call him.. So far I'm thinking of Harry or Peter...
But other names may pop into game on the way..
Think I'm going to try to knit him a sweater at some point - and I need to learn to make shoes too.

Not many presents this year, but did get one from my youngest son

And my hubby gave me 2 presents too.. There was lot of stuff in it - not all precisely in the scale, but lovely anyway...
 ... a beautiful footstool

 ... some stuff for gardning..
 ... and nice colored armchair

 ... and a really cool fridge with opening doors...
 and you can pull the inside shelf thing out to make it easier to fill it :)
And this is all the stuff the were inside the fridge; 2 bottle.. dipped candles... some cans of food.. a piece of cheese and knife.. strawberry-chocolate tart and some books.

My very best gift was, that my hubby had managed to finally get my cat "painting" out from my childhood home - as you know I lost my relatives as I lost my foster-mom and haven't gotten any of my stuff out of there ever since - just some photographs (I wasn't even invited publishing the will ) - and I told my hubby that if they really were such pitiful bunch of people - they could keep all - just would like to get that kitty picture out..

It has great sentimental value to me - it's the one piece that made my mom think that I really can do something with my hands.. She use to belittle my likings as I was younger and say when it came to talk about what would I like to do whar I grow up... I never were interested in many things just crafting and languages... It was always "You and you're crafting.." The tone she used in saying it - well - do it I never learned to believe in my skills to make anything...

So that "painting" made her to see that I can do something - and she never said that "you and your crafting" after that... It was my birthday gift for her as she turned 70...

I was so sure I'll never see it again...

This is it...
 Made  by felting - my first ever felting, as level felting to be exact.. And one of the few works of mine that I've ever been really proud of..  Gosh... 16 year gone since I made it... time sure flies...

And now I got it back...

So now we just gonna sit and wait for the year to end and wish & hope the new will be much kinder to us and bring more happy things on our way..  Think I wish few swaps on my way to give me something to wait during the year - and lets hope we still have our bussiness so that we can
celebrate our 15th anniversary in May..

sunnuntai 8. syyskuuta 2019

Still here...

Still hers... still alive... Just haven't made any miniatures

Well... it's 1 month and 1 week since I turn 50.

Cause I have no friends or relatives there were no party.. And my only present was hubby taking me to open-air theater to see a music-rich comedy which was okay.. And we eat out - daughter gave us gift certificate for it so that I could for once eat food that I didn't have to make myself - so pizza and theater...

I don't like being the center of attention, but not having a "big five O" party kind of made me feel that I signify nothing in this world - I don't matter..

And I didn't get any miniature related stuff :'(
I had for months hinted silently to family, that I wouldn't mind getting some plant making kits or other kits... or at least something miniature related...

Well... Little over year gone and I finally did make someting small in miniature, it's not much, but at least I managed to make something..

Just few wands..

I've played in my mind with thought of maybe trying to make a small swap with someone - in a hope that it would get me back in to the world on miniature making that I love so much... But then, what if I can't get myself into really making it??
It would be more than wonderful to get something nice at mail - other then just bills and other such...

Last 2 Christmas times have been so dull cause haven't had any swap parcels to open and make the December more fun that way..

I've got to get myself back to making them or I might as well just close this blog... why keep it if I don't do anything..

I will see until this years end how things turn out - if I don't get myself back here - I will close this...
I don't think it will make any difference to anyone..... We'll see..

sunnuntai 27. tammikuuta 2019

What a begin...

When your blue - you tend to forget, that even if you don't have many kind and friendly people around you in your life - that doesn't mean they don't exist..

As I told last time - there's been many setbacks in my life one way or an other and they took me so low I lost the spark of making miniatures.. and it made me feel more sad all the time - but just couldn't find my way out of it..

To my luck there game 3 wonderful "Fairy godmothers" ;)  that reached out a helping hand via post and sent me most wonderful gifts that cheered up my mood and got me astonished of how kind some can be 💗

And I promise to do my best to think only that I do am worth of them *grin*

We have rush times at work - so I has really been quite agony to not have time to show these beauties earlier - quality of the images is what it is, but I'm sure you get hang off what's in the picture - I hope..

First game in Jodi's gift  - and I'm first to admit, that it got me in to tears..
Love it so much, I barely dare to touch it..
It's a kit to make this!! (**)
Although I'm not gonna make it exactly as in the picture cause as soon as I saw it I thought - spiders! there has to be spiders in some cake and maybe bats or something like that... And skeleton parts here and there... It's too "neat and clean".. Yeah - I see that it should be more witchy..
So I'm going to see if I can turn it more in to Honey Dukes way..
 Lot of bags with many things to make - I'm gonna make patterns out of them and do some practice pieces from cardboard so I won't screw these up.. Plus I can try that way what would look best..

 It had even the cat in it!! She's getting home somewhere else in future.. Cakes need some decorating - they look too "clean" that way...

 And I think I make plants/vines with bit more darker colors than that..
 ... from these parts...
 ... should a Witchy Cafe rise..
Lot of printable stuff to make too.. Time shows if I can turn them more "spooky"

Next post brought Véronique's gift.. So many treasures - hard to tell which of them I like most..
 Never seen so tiny Legos!!
 Lanterns?? or could they turn something else too...
 Have absolutely no idea what to make out of these, but they are so lovely - maybe Wall Sconces..??  Don't know what they are called and what others have made from them, but I'm sure I'll find ideas somewhere..
 Cute bells - maybe I should put one of them to the Witchy Cafe...??
 A candle in them... or some small creature...
 chandelier or dessert bowls...

 so pretty... no idea what to do with them, but my inner magpie absolutely loves them.. My animal families are trying to reserve them to themselves - they claim that if they ever get homes of their own - they need pretty stuff there, and what could be prettier than these.. So I think most of them are taken...
 Potion-bottles - no doubt about it...

 had to draw the lines of the matchstick  cause you can't see that it is there without it *grin*
I had to read many times that it a working lamp before it sank in to my head (^^)  and took a while to understand how it works
 Would these make good doilies..??
 Materials to make mirrors - Just look at those frames!! Aren't they beautiful (**)
Some pets too... Bunny will have it's place on the future Bunny-roombox might let it keep the wagon cause it looks so cute in it..
Cat is so much like my boy Pilkku - think I'm gonna add few spots of white paint in it to make it look more like him..
And these I'm gonna paint and put in the Cafe - they will be perfect in there (^^)
Last but not least game in Drora's gift
 Isn't it funny coincidence that all 3 gifts had a cat in them ? (^^)  This might end up to my Bunny-families pet - I heard so much whispering as they saw it... but we'll see how it goes..
 There really is such tine shells..?? Wow... LOVE the blue framing they've put on.. For some odd reason only word that came in to my head as I saw it was "Moominpappa"
 Speaking of tiny.... Well there's gonna be a big fight about who's getting them... Can't get over how tiny they are!

 ... lot of takers for this too...
Okay...  I admit... I started to laugh as soon as I saw this. No, there's absolutely nothing wrong with it - it just that what are the odds for this..
It's just perfect for the Cafe!!!  Don't you think??
Maybe add a spider or two to climb on top of them...??  IF I can somehow make so tiny spiders..

I don't think I can ever find words enough to tell how grateful and  humble I am of these gifts..
I have so many ideas rushing in my head at this point - should I do this or should I do that.. Gosh I have missed that feeling..
Love you all wonderful ladies to the moon and back 💗

Cause of these wonderful gifts, I made a promise to myself - in this year (and hopefully long after it too) I'm gonna try to make at least 1 miniature per month.
No matter how big a small, but at least one.. In a hopes of getting in to point I make them more often, but this is a starter..

And I'm going to try to make a "Trash-To-Treasure" series type of thing more a less for myself. Just pick a trash and see what I can do with it - how many things can I make say like from toothpaste tube cap or so.. 
Sure there would be things that many have done before, but I'm hoping it would get my inspirations to bloom... Plus it would be fun to see how many things I could come up with..

What do you think - good idea or not..?? Go for it or bury it...