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Daisypath Happy Birthday tickers

sunnuntai 28. tammikuuta 2018

New tools..

I bought myself a couple of new tools which hopefully make it easier for me to work with my miniatures.. if and when I make them..

My hubby gave me a bit of a sarcastic comment of being a "big spender" when he heard that I spend little over 3 euros for my purchases *grin*

I guess I have learned to be quite of a penny-pincher/ scrooge, when it comes to things I buy for myself - but I guess that's what you learn to do when you're short of money all the time..
But hey! It does develop / enhance your imagination, cause you have to use so much trash in your
creations or try to find how to replace things you can't get with others you can, so it's not all just "bad"..

Here are my new helpers..
 This craft knife set I bought cause it cost only 2,90 and it has so many blades to try in different things - don't know if it's any good, but I'm sure it's much better that scissors in some places..

Time will show how many fingers will I lose with the help of these (^^)
This I found from flea market - cost about 40 cents... I think it's some kind of fish spike - the one with you hold your fish in place when you gut it... Not sure, but that's what I think it is...

Nearly left it there in the flea market, but then I started to think, that hey.... that could be neat to keep some little items - like small plant leaves or something like that - in place while I paint them WITHOUT me getting paint or nail polish in my fingers as usually.. Plus I could make/punch holes with the help of it... and I think it's going to be good in making clay things too - veins to leaves, cake crumb making and so on, and so on..
I'm quite sure it will come in handy in many times + I think I won't hurt myself with it as any times as I would say like with needle..
This are my older finds - not quite sure what these are - I assume they are some kind of spoons, but in my eyes they are plate molds.. Have been rolled them in my hands for few days and tries to think where else can I use them..

I did some bead experiments for Potion bottles.. Sorry for low quality pictures :(
- my daughter moved away from home at the begin of the year (have been having some hard times to deal with it, but my cat's have loves it cause they get more attention from me now..) - so I now have to settle for those images I can get with my old mobile, but I guess you get something out of them - do hope so...

 Did some experimenting with labels too and found out, that  din't quite yet got the size right.. Had to do some cutting to get them fit..
Always so hard to find the right scale to print...

But I'll put them in the back corner of my potion hut so they won't be on display so much so they will go well as shelf fillers...

lauantai 6. tammikuuta 2018

My start of the mini year..

Well... who would have believed it - I know I wouldn't, but I went an did it anyway..
What a way to start a miniature year (^^)

I have taken part in Paper Minis Yearly Gingerbread Competition!!

So IF you are on the mailing list - hope you'll go and give your vote..
And IF I'm very lucky -  some of you might even give your vote to me too *grin*

I encourage you to go and look - and if your not on the mailing list... well wouldn't it be great time to join now ??  - After all, you can't vote or see the works if your not on the list..

You can join in Paper Minis pages 

And hurry up - there's not much time to vote, and I want all the help I can get  (^^)